Nalini to be produced in court on July 5th


S. Nalini, a life convict in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case has been permitted to appear before the Madras High Court on the 5th of July and argue her case in person. Nalini is seeking ordinary leave for six months in order to make arrangements for the marriage of her daughter who resides in London. The Court allowed her petition to argue the case in person without engaging a lawyer. The Court ordered police escort to be provided for her when she appears in court.

The Supreme Court had granted capital punishment to the accused in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case in 1999. However the State Government commuted the sentence to life imprisonment in  April 2000. She stated that every life convict was entitled to one month of ordinary leave on completion of every two years of incarceration, she had not availed of the facility even though she had completed 27 years of imprisonment and requested for six months leave.



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