‘Nailed It’ – The Nail Art Fever Grips Kochi !


Check out the buzzing trends in nail art from the most popular studios in Kochi

Tiny beads, shiny stones, glitter, floral enamels or even geometric patterns…your options are limitless! And no, we are not discussing jewelry but the different options available in nail art! The use of nail colouring dates back to almost 5000 BC, with men and women using different techniques to colour their nails. While it was symbol of class, social ranking or status back then, today, it is a fad that is increasingly becoming an inevitable part of your fashion statement. Nail art is taking the city by storm and it is interesting to note that girls and women across all ages seem to be smitten by this cool new trend! RITZ checks out the buzzing trends in nail art from the most popular studios in Kochi.

Text: Riya Sonny Datson

To put it simply, nail art is exactly what it sounds like – Art done on nails. There are several professional techniques of doing it and umpteen styles to check out. You could do nail art directly on your finger nails and toe nails or use artificial nail extensions. Most nail artists use either acrylics or nail gel for nail art. “Acrylics are made using a chemical mixture of liquid and powder that can be directly applied on nails.  The nail gel is also a similar mixture but it requires UV light to cure the gel which hardens the nail,” explains Sumi who is an ardent fan of nail art. Her love for the art led her to launch the renowned brand, Nail Spa Experience in Kathrikadavu, Kochi.

There are plenty of styles one can adopt while choosing nail art but what’s trending this season? “Chrome nails are very popular. The metallic or shiny finish gives your nails a very chic look. Cat eye is also a style that people are trying out. A narrow shimmer line across the polish gives it a cat eye look! But I would say, the French polish or the nude style with the signature white tip is what is most popular,” says Sumi.

Beautiful woman’s nails with beautiful french manicure and pink rose

“Kochiites mostly prefer pastel shades and nude finish. Nail art is preferred for special occasions and the trend of regular use is just catching up here. Apart from mirror or chrome finish, partial or full glitter is a trend that is popular among the brides as it adds to a festive feel. Then of course, the French polish is an all-time favourite as it compliments any costume. Clients choose different shapes of nail edges to compliment the nail art but I find that the most preferred are the rounded and squoval edges,” says Paromita who does Nail art at Live In Style, Panampilly Nagar. There are a wide variety of shapes to choose from like square, rounded, oval, mountain peak, stilettos, squoval or almond. There are also varied styles of nail art that use nail stickers, stencils, beads, stones and so on.  “Ideally it would take around 45 minutes to do nail art but it can take upto 2 hours depending on the intricacy or difficulty of the design you choose,” adds Paromita. Hence most nail studios prefer their clients to schedule an appointment.

Any prerequisites before you do nail art? “I would recommend that you do a manicure before you opt for nail art as it gives it a clean, neat finish,” says Rita Mathan, who is a trained professional and one of the pioneers of nail art in Kochi. She will be launching her Nail studio called Pro Nails in Panampilly Nagar soon. How long does nail art last? “It varies from individual to individual. Depending on how careful you are, it can last upto 3 weeks. If the nail art is on your right hand and you are using your fingers to have food, the pastel shades and French polish can get stained easily. So one needs to be careful,” says Rita.

Does it harm your nails in anyway? “Well, I have been using nail art on my own nails for years now and I don’t think it has harmed my nails in any way. In fact I think, it strengthens your nails. Of course, you always have the option of using artificial nails or nail extensions as well,” signs off Paromita.

So what’s going to be your style? Check out nail art options in Kochi at:

Nail Spa Experience

1st Floor, 44, 4012E, Above HDFC Bank, Stadium Road, Kathrikadavu, Kochi. Ph: 96330 65333

Live In Style

Main Avenue, 7th Cross Road, Panampilly Nagar, Kochi. Ph: 0484 2313740

Pro Nails

Main Avenue, Panampilly Nagar, Ph: 8943350005




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