Nagarjuna’s statement on ANR biopic


Ever since Natasimham Nandamuri Balakrishna launched NTR biopic, speculations have bee rife that Anr biopic would also be materialized and King Nagarjuna might reprise his late father’s character.  ANR’s son Nagarjuna had said in the past that he or his family do not have any plans to make ANR biopic. But after NTR biopic’s release, there has been a keen interest on ANR biopic among fans and media circles.

In the latest interview, while promoting his son Akhil’s upcoming film,  Nagarjuna made a solid statement regarding his father’s biopic. “We are even scared to remake any of my father’s classic films. So making a biopic on his life is completely out of question. I or my family has absolutely no plans to make a biopic on my father.”

However, Nagarjuna has come up with a solid statement of the film which surely disappoints Akkineni fans. “We are even afraid of remaking my father’s masterpieces. In such case, Anr’s biopic would not be made by any member of our family,” Nagarjuna clarifies



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