Naans With A Twist


Sick of eating naan breads with all those indian curries? We found a way to spice up the regular naan … make it a pizza ! Heres a fairly simple recipe you can follow ! Let us know how it works out !

1: start with your naan bread base (pita, flatbread, or baked pizza crust)
2: lightly pour a thin layer of olive oil and spread with a baster
3: spoon minced garlic onto the olive oil and spread
4: cover in tomato basil sauce which is ready made
5: layer with fresh cut tomatoes
6: place bunches of fresh shredded mozzarella around the pizza base
7: bake for 10-12 minutes
8: remove and garnish with chopped basil

margherita-pizza-6-400x600 (Copy)



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