My Mummy Strongest!: Geeta Zaveri


Every third Sunday of June is usually celebrated as Father’s Day – and why not? Dads are not only a blessing but also a very important part of a child’s upbringing – hence we need to appreciate and celebrate them. Father’s Day is a perfect time to honour fathers and celebrate the role they play in their kids’ lives. But not every child out there has had that. There are some who probably aren’t blessed enough – or maybe blessed more than usual. Having your dad around in your growing up years is needed, and for those who haven’t – there were mothers who stepped into the shoes of fathers to compensate for the kids. Mothers who have woken up early to pack tiffins, then worked long hours, come back home to cook meals and finish homework – basically, mothers who have fought the world and circumstances like soldiers to bring their kids up.

Today, celebrating the spirit of Father’s Day, we went into the homes of some single moms to understand them and their journeys better. Here are some overwhelming stories of supermoms who have raised their children singlehandedly and perfectly played the dual part of the father and the mother. These heart-warming stories are beliefs that a mother can indeed be a father as well and fill in the vacuum in their child’s life flawlessly!

Text: Anahita Ahuja

Mum: Geeta Zaveri, Entreprenuer (mother of Vaishali and Sitanshu Bhate)

The journey so far…
I would be lying if I said it has been an easy job. The process of bringing up children into responsible individuals drains you financially, mentally and physically. But then, with God’s grace I’ve made it through.

Where did you draw your strength from?
My belief in God and my parents.

Would you have done anything differently if you could rewind time?
Maybe! I got married at a very young age – so, if I could rewind time and do things differently, I would want to focus on my education and myself as a person. Explore my interests more. Also enjoy life more.

A moment when you felt like it was all worth it…
To step up into a father’s role and provide the kids with a home, the best education, and help setup their careers has all been worth it. Most importantly, to have made them into independent individuals that they are today.

“The most important thing in the world is family and love.” – Vaishali

Child: Vaishali Bhate, Financial Analyst

Do you think you could have been as strong as your mum?
Honestly, I would need a lot more support than she’s ever had. But I would also like to believe that she raised a strong daughter.

What is that one thing you admire about her?
Her strength in the face of such adversity – it is one of her qualities I aim to have.

What kind of a relationship do you guys share?
It’s only getting better as we get older. We have had our differences growing up but every single time I’ve struggled with work, friends, or family, she has always given me the best advice.

Your super mom has probably given you many reasons to be proud and happy…
Oh, yes! She has made us the people we are – independent and strong enough to take on the world. Also proud because of how she’s lived her life and not only balanced being a mother and father, but also her career.

Any particular moment when you felt that this was the only way you would have it?
Actually on most of the days.



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