My Mummy Strongest!: Bani Singh


Every third Sunday of June is usually celebrated as Father’s Day – and why not? Dads are not only a blessing but also a very important part of a child’s upbringing – hence we need to appreciate and celebrate them. Father’s Day is a perfect time to honour fathers and celebrate the role they play in their kids’ lives. But not every child out there has had that. There are some who probably aren’t blessed enough – or maybe blessed more than usual. Having your dad around in your growing up years is needed, and for those who haven’t – there were mothers who stepped into the shoes of fathers to compensate for the kids. Mothers who have woken up early to pack tiffins, then worked long hours, come back home to cook meals and finish homework – basically, mothers who have fought the world and circumstances like soldiers to bring their kids up.

Today, celebrating the spirit of Father’s Day, we went into the homes of some single moms to understand them and their journeys better. Here are some overwhelming stories of supermoms who have raised their children singlehandedly and perfectly played the dual part of the father and the mother. These heart-warming stories are beliefs that a mother can indeed be a father as well and fill in the vacuum in their child’s life flawlessly!

Text: Anahita Ahuja

Mum: Bani Singh, Interior Designer and Lawyer (mother of Anahita and Anandita Ahuja)

The journey so far…
The road so far has been extremely challenging but that much more delightful. When I see my girls all grownup, it seems like it’s all flown away in a jiffy. In life, the harder something is, the more fruitful it is – and that is exactly the case of a being a single parent.

Where did you draw your strength from?
The only person I turned to was God – he guided me through it all. Apart from that, every time I would look at the faces of my little pig-tailed girls, and the innocence in their eyes, I had no choice but to be strong.

According to you, how much have you succeeded as a parent?
Both my girls have turned out to be lovely ladies, who make me immensely proud.  They are sensitive, honest and hard-working human beings who look at life in a positive way, and live with high spirits!

“I want my child to turn out just like me, but I doubt being half of what mom has been to us” – Anandita

Child: Anandita Ahuja, Accessory Designer and Fashion Stylist

Do you think you could have been as strong as your mum?
Actually no. Maybe bringing up one child would have still been possible but with the two of us, especially because we were a handful, I don’t think I would have managed.

If you were in her place, would you have brought yourself up any differently?
I highly doubt it. She gave up everything to just be our mother and I doubt being able to be that selfless. She made every problem look smaller than what it was and made sure we found pleasure, happiness and joy in the small things of life.

What kind of a relationship do you guys share?

The three of us not only look like sisters but also act like we are. On a serious note, life has come a full circle and my sister and I, mother her now. She recently got married and moved to another city and we couldn’t have been happier. The distance has brought us closer, continuing our lifelong story of friendship, laughter and respect.

Your super mom has probably given you many reasons to be proud… 

She has always taught us how to make the most of everything and to be grateful. Her selflessness is the most beautiful characteristic about her as she has only encouraged us to see the good in people no matter what.



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