MS Dhoni gets knee treated for Rs 40


Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni spent only Rs 40 to get his knee treated in a hermitage in Ranchi. Dhoni visited the hermitage after he saw the positive results of his parents’ treatment who were taking treatment for the past 3 months.

The ayurvedic doctor named Vandan Singh Khervar lives in the densely forested area of Lapung which is about 70 kms from Ranchi. Dhoni has been battling knee pain for many months, visited the doctor who charged Rs 20 for consultation and prescribed medicine worth Rs 20. It has been a month since Dhoni has been consulting this doctor and has been visiting every 4 days.
In fact the doctor did not even recognise Dhoni when he consulted him. Dhoni’s presence made many people in the region flock just to catch a glimpse of him. Dhoni usually sits in his car, takes his medicines and later obliges his fans with selfies.



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