Moulding a chocolate story


ITC is charting out big plans to take ahead its luxury chocolates.

The company entered this segment through Fabelle, a chic chocolate boutique at the ITC Gardenia in Bangalore which displays a range of handcrafted exquisite chocolates, pralines, mousse, ganache, eclairs, chocolate beverages and more; and promises to deliver a holistic and immersive chocolate experience.


“Presently, we are focused on expanding the brand in all the ITC Luxury Hotels across Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai and establish Fabelle as a luxury chocolatier par excellence,” says GK Suresh, Executive Vice President, New Category Development, ITC Foods Division. He says that the luxurious ambience, world class consumer service and expertise in gourmet cuisine of ITC Master chefs, makes ITC luxury hotels the best suited location for the Fabelle chocolate boutiques. “Currently, our focus lies in expanding the brand nationally to reach more consumers.”

Suresh feels that the growing demand for luxury products in India and a rapid growth in the number of ultra-high net individuals has created space for the luxury chocolate segment to thrive and grow.


The glitzy Fabelle Boutique in Bangalore, spanning over 1, 000 square feet, is also a dessert bar offering the best of mousse, beverages and chocolate cups.

The live chocolate kitchen at Fabelle allows guests to interact with master chocolatiers and to participate in the making of their luxury experience. “80% of the items on the Fabelle café menu are made, displayed and dispensed from the live chocolate making kitchen,” adds Suresh.


The company has also set up a premium chocolate manufacturing facility near Hoskote on the outskirts of Bangalore to produce the high-end chocolates. ITC says that they use rare cocoa of the highest quality sourced from West Africa, Venezuela and Madagascar which is then carefully combined with rare ingredients like Ancho chilly, Acacia Nectar, Lankan Cinnamon, etc. by using world class technology to create a range of chocolate creations.




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