Mothers’ Day Out! – Suraksha Acharya


To celebrate Mother’s Day, RITZ and Phoenix Market City organised a super fun and exclusive photo shoot with 5 beautiful mothers from Chennai and got them to give us a glimpse of their beautiful relationship with their precious children. Warning: A warm fuzzy feeling and lots of awww… moments ahead! 

Suraksha Acharya is the founding principal of Midori Architects, Chennai — an award winning firm, specialising in sustainable design. She is a cognitive member of the green architecture industry in India, championing the need to build better and more environment friendly structures. She is featured here with her mother Rekha Bhatla.

“Last summer, I became a mom for the first time which has been both scary and exciting. There are a lot of unknowns, and while I want to do my best for my baby girl, it’s just not easy to know exactly what to do even if I prepare as much as possible. I was eager for information, especially from parents who have “been there, done that” on how to cope with child care, breastfeeding, body image, marriage, job and being a good-enough mother. I started my firm, Midori Architects, in 2015, before I realised I was pregnant. Like many working moms who pursue the ultimate goal of “having it all” — a fulfilling home life, a rewarding professional career, energy to keep up with the demands of both, while still finding time for myself, I struggle daily with establishing the work-life balance. From all of the advice I’ve gotten, the best was from my very own truest friend, my mother (Rekha Bhatla) –“Nobody’s perfect. We all want to be the ‘perfect parent’ and raise ‘perfect children’ but that is not possible. We make mistakes and we learn from them. There is no such thing as a perfect parent, even if you think someone is a better parent than you. Kids won’t expect you to be perfect, but they will expect love. The most important asset you have as a mother is your intuition.”

These words resonate with me, as I face difficulties with parenting my 1-year-old on a daily basis. Through my own personal journey, I’ve come to realise that motherhood is demanding but also fun! You hear the stories of stress, no sleep and of the big powerful love, but rarely do new parents tell you about all the giggles. I’ve become a much lighter and happier person after having my baby girl, Liya. And though there are plenty of challenges, there’s also lots more laughter in my life!

Venue: Design Hotel, Phoenix Market City Chennai  

Suraksha Acharya is in an outfit from Forever New while her mother’s wardrobe is from Soch at Phoenix Market City Chennai

Hair & Make-up: Page 3 Luxury Salon & Makeover Studio,Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Chennai.



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