Mothers’ Day Out! – Ishani Vellodi Reddy


To celebrate Mother’s Day, RITZ and Phoenix Market City organised a super fun and exclusive photo shoot with 5 beautiful mothers from Chennai and got them to give us a glimpse of their beautiful relationship with their precious children. Warning: A warm fuzzy feeling and lots of awww… moments ahead! 

Ishani Vellodi Reddy, Health Coach; with her son Vishnu 

Ishani Reddy lives in Chennai with her husband and two children: Vishnu, her eleven month old best friend, and Sofie, her dog who made the move with her from New York to Chennai. After spending time working in investment banking and private equity, Ishani now has a health coaching practice, where she loves helping people live their most confident, healthiest, happiest lives. She loves doing all things food, travel, and fitness related and, of course, doing it all with family.

“Not a day goes by where I don’t tell my little man what a privilege it is to be his mom. In Vishnu I have found a best friend who occasionally drives me up the walls, but then always knows exactly what to do to put a giant smile on my face! We literally do everything together – from laying in bed eating chocolate, to traveling, to even working out (he really does come to the gym with me!). As Vishnu experiences new things every day, it’s incredible to be right there with him experiencing things I may have seen a million times before, but realising that nothing was quite as amazing until he came along.

Venue: Design Hotel, Phoenix Market City Chennai 

Ishani Reddy looks lovely in a Guess dress from Phoenix Market City Chennai 
Her son Vishnu wears Zara and Tommy Hilfiger from Phoenix Market City Chennai

Makeup: Self (Ishani Vellodi Reddy)
Hair-do: Page 3 Luxury Salon & Makeover Studio,Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Chennai.



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