Motherjane Launches Their New Track ‘Namaste’ !


The music talks of recognizing and accepting another as part of your whole

The Rockband, Motherjane released their new single titled NAMASTE  along with a video premiere on YouTube. Motherjane’s new track, NAMASTE, which is produced and mixed by Rex Vijayan, is essentially a love song for all humanity. It speaks about recognizing and accepting another as part of your whole. We are all one, even though we are manifested differently. We are connected, not only to one another but also to everything in the Universe.  If we are aware of this, we can lose our individuality and rise together unleashing limitless access to an infinite power that dwells within us. The video tackles this subject in a stylized manner.

MOTHERJANE is one of the pioneers of the rock scene in India. Their music can be best described as ethnic progressive rock, fusing sounds from the vast soundscapes of the country. Their album, Insane Biography, released in 2002, is regarded as one of the most influential records in Indian rock till date. Their second album, Maktub, released in 2008, clearly caught the attention of the music industry and gave a clear niche to the band. The band has toured extensively both within and beyond the country, the main international tours being in countries Indonesia, Ukraine, Sri Lanka and UAE. Motherjane was honored as India’s first endorsee of Harman Pro, the world leader in professional sound equipment. From 1996-2017, Motherjane has performed professionally at over 600 shows to live audiences of over 1,000,000 people.



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