Monsoon Delights – Monsoon Holiday Destinations!


Check out the popular holiday destinations in Kerala to enjoy this monsoon!

Come Monsoon and God’s own country is at her best! The smell of the earth when the first rains falls on her, the beautiful lush green foliage, brimming waterways and the vibrant wildlife are all a sight to behold! Lagoons, paddy fields, forests, waterfalls, beaches, hill stations, houseboats – Kerala has it all! RITZ checks out some of the popular holiday destinations in Kerala to enjoy this monsoon! Do make sure you take umbrellas, warm clothes or jackets, essential medicines to brace the showers but most importantly, check the weather forecasts before planning your holiday.

Text: Riya Sonny Datson
Photo Credit: Kerala Tourism

Sun, Sand and Sea!
No matter how many times we have done it before, a beach holiday is special in its own way. There is nothing to beat the joy and excitement that comes from feeling the waves against your feet or watching the beautiful sunset. Marari Beach is 11km from Alappuzha and is a much smaller beach when compared to other renowned beaches in the state. This is precisely why it is not as crowded as the latter and is much cleaner. A perfect family holiday destination! During the monsoon, it is usually off season at the beach resorts mainly because heavy rains often deter you from heading to the beach apart from making the sand mushy. So do make sure you check the weather forecast before planning your beach holiday!

Into the Wild
Wayanad is one of the most popular travel destinations in Kerala today and there is good reason for it! Though it gets its name from ‘Vayal nadu’ which means the land of the paddy fields, about 885.92 sq km of this district is under dense forests. The Wayanad Wildlife sanctuary covers upto 344sq km. The tall peaks like Chembra and Neelimala, Meenmutty and Cheethalayam waterfalls and the interesting wildlife in the deep forest make it a trekker’s haven! If you plan to trek, do keep in mind that during the Monsoon, the forest is teeming with life, so watch out for leeches! But it is the best time of the year to catch nature in all her glory. Wayanad also hosts the Banasura Sagar dam which is the largest earth dam in India. Situated at a height of around 700 – 2100 m above mean sea level, the district cultivates cash crops like pepper, coffee, tea, cardamom and spices. If you truly desire to experience nature, this is as close as it gets!! Apart from resorts, Wayanad also has a lot of homestay options.

Misty Waterfalls

As the monsoon arrives, the lakes, rivers and waterfalls in Kerala are brimming and it is the best time of the year to visit the picturesque waterfalls of Vazhachal! It is about 60km from Thrissur and 5km from Athirapally – which is the largest waterfall in Kerala. Vazhachal is almost enchanting with its gushing water and misty sprays. The rainforest surrounding the region is home to exotic flora and fauna species, which makes it a favourite spot for nature lovers!

Climbing the Hills!
Munnar, located around 1500- 1600m above sea level is a buzzing tourist hotspot during the summer and the winter months but the monsoons usually dampen the tourist inflow – which makes it the right choice for those who prefer to avoid the crowd, relax, sip a cup of coffee and enjoy the rain! The lush green tea plantations, the spectacular hills with its sandalwood groves, the beautiful lakes and the gushing waterfalls are all a visual treat when soaked in rain! The Munnar Echo point, Kundala Lake, Top station, Mattupetti Dam, Anamudi peak and Rajamalai National Park are some of the interesting sight-seeing spots to watch out for.

Houseboat Trail
It is indeed a rejuvenating journey to embark on a houseboat to explore the breath-taking backwaters. As you sail across the meandering canals with the green foliage hovering over you, the quiet beauty of the backwaters will soothe your soul. Swaying paddy fields, duck farms, fishermen laying their nets and the local village folk sailing in their canoes are some of the delightful sights to watch out for. The monsoon showers add to the charm of the entire experience. The houseboats, offer the luxuries of a 5 star hotel room apart from the delectable seafood spread!



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