Monkey Shoulder Summer Recipes


Forget everything you’ve been told about Scotch – all the stuffy rules and traditions that can prevent people from enjoying whisky are being ripped up with the launch of Monkey Shoulder, a game-changing blended malt scotch whisky from Scotland. Monkey Shoulder doesn’t do boring old Tasting Notes like traditional whiskies because it’s all up to your own nose and taste buds. Monkey Shoulder is produced by William Grant & Sons, an independent family-owned distiller headquartered in the United Kingdom and founded by William Grant in 1887. For India, the brand has created these new and palatable cocktails with local flavours.

Monkey Raaj with Mango Ginger and Gondoraj, carries the aromatic citrus of Gondoraj and the spice from the mango ginger. Monkey Thandai as it is called is a twist to the flip type of cocktail made with Monkey Shoulder and an added flavour of Thandai. The spiced raw mango julep or fondly called by drinkers as Monkey Aam, the citrus and dry spice shine from the Aam panna, one of India’s favourite summer drink. Ice Ice Monkey, is a drink created specially for Ice tea lovers, using spiced earl grey tea syrup with Lime and ginger ale which compliments monkey shoulder core flavor including Cinnamon, ginger and Orange. The freshness in the drink is further enhanced by Cucumber and Mint leaves. Ape Spritzer is a light cocktail perfect for the lazy summer after noon inspired by the Italian Summer aperetivo style of Drink called Spritz. Each is easy to prepare and can be enjoyed just the way you like your whisky, the lazy easy way!

ICE ICE Monkey


Monkey shoulder ​​​45 ml
Home made spiced earl grey syrup 45 ml
Lime ​​​​​15 ml
Ginger ale to top up
Cucumber and mint to garnish


• In a Collins glass, Add monkey shoulder, Earl grey tea syrup and lemon juice. Add ice and give it a slight stir
• Top it up with ginger ale
• Garnish with fresh bunch of mint and cucumber peel.

Monkey  Raaj

Monkey Shoulder 50 ml

Egg white  1
Superfine sugarteaspoon Or Sugar syrup​ 15 ml
Gondoraj Lime10 ml
Lime Juice5 ml
Mango Ginger 4 slices


• Shake the Monkey Shoulder, mango ginger slices, Gondoraj juice, lime juice, sugar and egg, very well with ice
• Double strain and serve into a highball glass filled with ice.
• Garnish with dehydrated Gondoraj lime wheel and mango ginger slice.


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