Mollywood Actor Dileep Arrested For Conspiracy


 The Actor was arrested yesterday evening after almost 12 hours of questioning

On February 17th this year, a popular South Indian actress was abducted and sexually harassed by a man named Sunil Kumar aka Pulsar Suni and his gang. Visuals of the actress were taken with the intention of blackmailing her later. But after a lot of coaxing and support from her family and friends, the actress decided to stand up and fight and she filed a complaint against the culprits, who were later arrested.


Although there were allegations against popular actor Dileep, he had claimed that he was innocent. Later he filed a complaint alleging that Pulsar Suni had tried to blackmail him. Following this, Dileep along with his friend, director, Nadirsha were questioned for 13 hours but as the questioning didn’t yield any further evidence, they were allowed to go free. Following some crucial information, the actor was summoned yet again yesterday morning for another round of questioning and by 4pm, he was arrested.  It is said that the actor had conspired against the actress based on personal animosity.



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