Chennai, 26th Wednesday 2015: Phoenix MarketCity Chennai, the one stop destination for shopping and live entertainment hosted a truly unique Molecular Gastronomy event at the mall. The culinary workshop was the first of its kind to be held within the mall’s premises and provided a distinctive experience for the privileged patrons gathered on 26th August 2015.

Renowned culinary expert Chef Saransh Goila spearheaded the session and wowed the audience with his Molecular Thali! Known in the gastronomic fraternity as having entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the “Longest road journey by a Chef”.  The talented chef had incorporated age-old Indian food traditions and added an interesting and creative twist.

With 25 years of experience in the food industry Chef Saransh was accompanied by Chef Shailendra, who joined him on the stage. Combining his exceptional cooking skills and innate creativity, Chef Shailendra had the audiences’ rapt attention. Recognized food stylists across the food and beverages industry, Chef Shailendra’s amazing techniques made every dish look delicious.

Comprising of elements like foam, air etc, the Molecular Thali comprised of a soup, a starter and main course from different regions of the world. Simple ingredients such as beetroot, chocolate, coconut milk were given a new and sophisticated ‘molecular avatar’, leaving the audience pleasantly surprised!.

Using the scientific techniques and impeccable presentation, the  matchless flavours immediately won the appreciation of the audience. Providing a rather theatrical experience, the exciting nature of this event invited awe and excitement among all special invitees who had gathered to witness the spectacle.

Chef Saransh and Chef Shailendra created an exotic Beetroot Sol Kadi, topped with foam made from coconut milk and finally, laced with a delicate layer of coriander foam! The chefs showed their prowess when an ordinary watermelon salad got a makeover of a lifetime, transforming into Watermelon Caviar  & desi herb salad. The Chocolate Gulkand Air appeared to be the popular, apart from Fried Fish with Madras Curry Spiced Tomato. The experience was indeed a heady one as the delectable signature cuisine of the Chef was well received with oodles of appreciation, visible by the content smiles and applause!

Along with the workshop, Chef Saransh also presented his new book ‘India on my platter’ comprising of the Chef’s culinary experiences and interesting recipes.

Speaking on the occasion Chef Saransh Goila said: “It was amazing to launch my book India on my Platter in Chennai with Phoenix MarketCity. Indian cuisine needs to be revamped and be more current, hip and cool. Hence Chef Shailendra and I created a Molecular Thali with recipes from 4 different States which represent different flavours and textures of Modern India. There couldn’t have been a better way to sum up my 20,000km food trip.”

Speaking on the occasion Noel Vessaoker, Centre Director, Phoenix MarketCity, Chennai said: “We at Phoenix MarketCity wanted to give our esteemed patrons a truly unique take home experience. With the Molecular gastronomy rapidly emerging in urban food culture, we wanted to offer our patrons a delicious experience. We are grateful that Chef Saransh and Chef Shailendra have joined us to take ahead this significant trend setting practice within the culinary elite and present the same, to our dear customers. We trust that the session on Molecular gastronomy has been an enriching and satisfying one for all.”



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