‘Mirchi’ Shiva talks about ‘Masala Padam’

''Mirchi' Shiva in Masala Padam
‘Mirchi’ Shiva in ‘Masala Padam’

‘Mirchi’ Shiva is excited about his role in his upcoming flick, ‘Masala Padam’ with Bobby Simha. “Director Laxman is a good friend of mine since ages. Being a cinematographer himself, he always used to have a different perspective in all his views and thoughts. Laxman wanted to me to act in his film as one of the main leads. The movie is all about the online reviewers with a back drop of  traditional Indian cinema elements like action, love and comedy. ‘Masala Padam’ revolves on the A, B and C sectors of the audience. I play the middle class character Mani who is a MLM employee with  a ambition of getting a Platinum card. I am basically from a middle class family so I felt that I could adapt the character very easily. I always wanted to be a serious entertainer and this is also one such next step. Every one who watches ‘Masala Padam’ will relate every frame of mine to their own lives.” The film has released today.



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