Mirari at the Elephant Parade in L.A.



Mirari is possibly the first jewellery designer in the world to have designed for the globally-renowned Elephant Parade

Elephants have been an integral part of the rich culture of Asia. They occupy a very special place in India, as they are worshipped in our country. Yet, as is common knowledge, Asian elephants are widely subjected to various forms of cruelty and abuse and their numbers are fast dwindling. For centuries, they have been part of circuses and routinely subjected to extremely hard labour. In our country, they have even been made to beg on the streets. Of late, there are several movements being undertaken to liberate the elephants and help them regain their lost freedom. Besides the conservation programs and other such, many people have sought to raise awareness about and love for elephants through art.

In 2006, father and son duo Marc and Mike Spits initiated the first open air art exhibition called the Elephant Parade with a strong motive to conserve Asian elephants and ensure their welfare. The parade includes creative life-size models of elephants from various parts of the globe that are created by reputed fashion designers. And for the very first time the parade witnessed a jewellery designer extend her support to the cause. Mirari, a premier name in luxurious jewellery in India, has designed one of the marvelous elephants for the parade. Mira Gulati of Mirari is the first jewellery designer in the world to have participated in this globally renowned parade.


Mira says, “Elephant Parade is a brand in itself, and over the years, has shown immense growth all the while helping in the best possible way to conserve elephants. My support is minimal in the context of the entire Parade but this being my first exposure I have given it my best shot. Elephants are an essential part of the diverse Indian wildlife and saving this endangered species is a must. The elephant designed by us stands in majestic testimony to the rich culture of India and my love for it.” Each year, the elephant models designed as part of this exhibition are auctioned, and the proceeds are donated to the Asian Elephant Foundation.



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