Methil Devika Files for Divorce from actor politician Mukesh


She revealed that the reasons for the decision were purely personal  

It came as a shock to fans when they learnt that Methil Devika had filed for divorce from actor politician Mukesh. The celebrity couple had been married for the last eight years. Social media has been abuzz with all kinds of allegations against Mukesh who has not yet given a statement about the divorce. Methil Devika spoke to the press stating that the reasons for filing for divorce were purely personal and that the couple had ideological differences. She said that Mukesh is a good person but they had personal issues which forced her to take the decision. She clarified that she was not aware of the allegations being circulated against him in social media.

Methil Devika said in her statement that she hadn’t intended to make her personal decision public but was forced to speak to the press because the news flashed across media. Since Mukesh was a political figure, she felt she needed to correct the false allegations levelled against him.  She said that it was a very painful transition in her life and that she hoped to continue as good friends with Mukesh. She appealed to the press and fans to respect their privacy and to not make the situation more difficult than it already is.



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