Messi and his team mates evacuated by helicopter due to huge crowds


Millions of people in Argentina took to the streets in Buenos Aires to celebrate the victory of Argentina in the FIFA World Cup. The huge crowds disrupted a planned parade route in an open-top bus and instead Messi and his team mates had to fly over the city in helicopters.

This is the third World Cup title for Argentina and it comes after a gap of 36 years. A video that was shared on social media showed a fan dropping from a bridge onto the team bus carrying Messi and another fan missing the bus and falling into the crowd. Due to this, the head of the Football Association, Chirqui Tapia said that the players were unable to continue by bus.
President Alberto Fernandez declared a national holiday for the celebrations. Messi, a local hero, is considered to be one of the greatest players of all time.



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