Mental Health Day


10 signs on how one can stay mentally healthy while looking out for their emotional well being

We pay so much attention to being physically fit that at times we sideline the matters of the mind and ignore our mental well-being. It is vital that we pay heed to our emotional health and wellness. DocsApp shares a list of 10 signs on how to stay mentally healthy and of emotional wellness.

1.You have a sense of purpose
You wake up every day with a ‘seize the day’ attitude. You plan your day in advance and know exactly what your schedule is and how you would be spending your 24 hours. There are going to be days where you want to stay in bed all day, that’s alright sometimes you need to stop and just unwind.

2.Your practice self-discipline
You set goals and chalk out a plan or a strategy to achieve these goals. You are focused on hitting the target and you already know the steps to reach the goal. You follow the game plan sincerely and emerge a winner.

3.You like spending time by yourself
The hustle and bustle of the urban lifestyle is great, you are sociable and thoroughly enjoy the company of people. You equally enjoy the peace and quiet of your ‘me time’.

Solitude doesn’t scare you, in fact it helps to boost your creative energy and also stay productive.

4.You are proactive
You don’t wait for things to fall flat and then work on setting them right. You work with the future in mind, you are capable of forecasting possible outcomes and you plan your moves based on your calculations.

5.You have a sense of gratitude
You always appreciate the little things in life. You look at the silver lining in every dark cloud and are thankful for the multiple tiny blessing that you’ve been showered upon. You don’t shy away from expressing your gratitude to people.

6.You are able to love
Being able to love is one of the most important signs of mental well-being. You put other’s needs ahead of yours, you are concerned about their feelings, and you create a safe place for them to be themselves. You are never violent and deceitful in a relationship.

7.You are resilient
Your mantra in life is ‘never say never’. No matter how hard life gets, you always bounce back. You take your time to cope with the hardships, but you bounce back stronger than ever before. You never give up!

8.You make people happy
You are a joy to be around. You always get along with people like a house on fire. You create a comfort zone for people to be themselves around you. You don’t try to please anyone, you are yourself and people can’t get enough of you.

9.You eliminate negativity
You are fiercely territorial with yourself. You do not let negativity enter your space. You surround yourself with positivity and indulge in activities that make you feel positive and happy.

10.You take care of your body
You pay attention to the needs of your body. You practice habits like getting 8 hours of sleep and staying hydrated. You understand how important it is to stay physically fit in order to be emotionally fit.

Make tiny changes and see how self-improvement works wonders for your emotional wellness. If at any point you feel like you’re stuck, talk to a specialist on DocsApp!



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