‘Men are from Bars’ A comedy outing this Weekend


JTPAC promises a laugh Riot with Three comedians in “Men are from Bars” !

“Sorabh Pant is married, Atul Khatri is married, with kids and Angad Singh is unmarried and considering to never have kids. Catch all three talk about their unique relationships and why they can’t live with or without the women they’re with. ‘Men Are From Bars’ also explores the hidden side of terrible matrimonial ads, the ridiculousness of the Kama Sutra and why every romantic song ever sung was a piece of crap. MAFB is the definitive show to watch about relationships, whether you’ve been through a breakup, divorce or the horrors of marriage,” says the JTPAC team.


Between 2014 – 2016, MAFB has done over 35+ shows in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Ahmedabad, Goa Baroda, Surat and Kolkata and has already performed for over 15,000 people. In 2015, the show has gotten bigger, better and will tour all across the country because all three men need to earn enough money to ensure their partners don’t leave them. Watch them live at JTPAC, Kochi on July 31st 2016 at 7pm. Call 8086881681 for more details.



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