MELODIOUS IS HER MIDDLE NAME: Nithyashree Venkataramanan


Chennai-based singer Nithyashree Venkataramanan who is making waves in the industry for her melodious and soulful voice, speaks to RITZ Magazine in a candid chat.

Wardrobe and Jewellery: THAT1TOO.COM

Hair & Make up: Sangeetha Limbu, Hues & Mane

Location Courtesy: Hablis, Chennai

With your name being synonymous with singing, what proved to be the catalyst for you to zero in on it as a career choice?

It was in my genes. My parents are singers. My sister is also a singer, so I also tried and wanted to take it up as a career to take my passion forward.

As a singer, you need to be conscious of your voice and are required to take additional care with your vocal chords. How do you do that?

I take precautions. I’ve stopped eating ice creams, no chocolates, no cold drinks or cold stuff and no oily food. I also use cotton to sometimes to keep my ears protected.

Is there any one particular genre like metal or pop you think you’d want to sing in, which would be quite surprising to us fans?

I believe in being a versatile singer, so I’ve tried all genres possible and people have liked them.

Your suggestions for the preparation involved before any live performance?

Be calm, keep yourself hydrated and think you’re the best in the world.

Off late, there has also been a surge in independent artists producing more successful music. How do you view this trend?

Not many are getting the right platform to showcase their talent. Youtube is giving that chance, so it’s a positive sign for new talents to emerge.

You also happen to be quite fluent in multiple languages. Which language other than Tamil do you feel comfortable singing in?

I’m comfortable singing in any language. I’m fluent in singing in 18 languages already and would like to add more languages to my list.

As a woman, how do you come across barriers and day to day challenges?

I’m very bold and confident and ready to face challenges.

The biggest form of appreciation you have received in your career till date?

I received an award for singing at the fourth annual Vijay Telly Awards and also being the only Indian Idol from Tamil Nadu in the history of Indian Idol to be the finalist.

Your first reaction on receiving the call to star in Eeti as Atharvaa’s sister and your experience working opposite him?

I was shocked. I didn’t know how I would match the big banner but with the support of my director Ravi Sir, Vijay TV and Atharvaa I took it forward. I’m very thankful to them.

Generally, this one question pops up frequently – Vijay or Ajith – whose film would you like to star in?


Fashion choice – traditional or modern?


From being a singer on Super Singer to becoming a judge now on the Super Singer Junior 6 auditions, how do you feel?

It was a huge blessing.



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