Melania Trump plans to write a book

It is said that Donald Trump would be writing a book while vacating the White House. Now it appears that his wife Melania Trump would be writing one too. She will focus on her time as US First Lady. This will be a good chance for her to earn her own money. She is being encouraged by Donald Trump. Her story could be worth big money as she would reveal several secrets about the White House during her time as First Lady.
In September this year, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff who was supposed to be Melanias best friend, wrote a book titled “Melania and Me.” It did not go down well with Melania. In October, she published an essay on the White House website wherein she stated that the book was mere idle gossip that tried to distort her character. She even called Stephanie as a “dishonest opportunist” who clung to her for fame. Meanwhile, the Justice Department would be suing Stephanie for allegedly violating a non disclosure agreement.


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