Meghan Markle wins damages in UK Privacy Case


Meghan Markle has won nominal damages of 1 pound from one of Britain’s biggest newspaper groups after an appeals court ruled in her favour over a privacy case.
She had sued Associated over the publication in 2019 of a letter that she had written to her estranged father. Lawyers for Associated contended that Meghan wrote the letter knowing fully well that it was likely to be leaked.

Associated was directed to pay a sum equating to $1.40 or 1.20 euros for misuse of private information, a confidential sum for infringing her copyright and 300,000 pounds towards legal costs. A spokesperson for Meghan stated that the sum awarded for copyright infringement would be donated to charity. Associated has plans to appeal to the UK Supreme Court.
Meghan and Harry are currently living in California after stepping down from royal duties in 2019. They have initiated legal proceedings against many publication houses for invasion of privacy.



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