Meet The Country’s First Humanoid Robocop


Kerala Police has a new recruit that stands apart of its peers; that’s because it’s a robot. Kerala Police Cyberdome, the technological research, and development center of Kerala Police Department developed the human-like robot ‘KP-BOT’ with Asimov Robotics that was launched in the state.

The Robot can move by itself, and that’s why it is called a humanoid. It has a camera which has facial recognition technology, Kerala Police said they’d use KP-BOT for tasks like attending the reception, guiding people around the police station and fixing appointments. Once all data is filed in it, it can even recognize criminal and stop him/her. Humanoids in the future may also be used to investigate crime or control traffic.

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan attended the inaugural ceremony of KP-BOT. At the function, an official asked the robot cop, “Can I pay you a bribe?”. KP-BOT warned saying the picture and details of the person offering the bribe were recorded for necessary action. The humanoid can be eventually used for taking photographs in crime investigation or anti-sabotage checking. So, the focus will be on trying to remotely control KP-BOT.



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