Meera Mitun Warns Legal Action Against Rajinikanth And Vijay


Bigg Boss fame Meera Mitun is known for controversies and had been in the news for her controversial statements. After warning actress Trisha recently for copying her style, she has now turned her focus on Superstar Rajinikanth and Thalapathy Vijay. The self-claimed supermodel had alleged that Rajinikanth and Vijay are trying to defame her and has threatened to take legal action against them.

In a series of social media posts, Meera Mitun’s tweets read “TN boycotted me, thanks for the same thats why am a supermodel now , opened nationally, internationally . Also kollywood against me, thats y am in bollywood & hollywood. But What I don’t understand is Why is TN still behind my ass, talking(harassing)about me is their only Job ?! TN for tamilians, hindus i supppse, but malaylis, christians have dominated , doing injustice to a tamilian woman. But why are they still behind my ass ! Idk when my anger rages like kannagi who fired madurai, I would do the same to TN ! @narendramodi Destroy TN ! TN is dying, save all ur ass. My ass is in a luxurious safest place living the best of my life. @rajinikanth (kannada ) @actorvijay ( Christian ) are doing the best to defame me ?! I won’t hesitate to take it legally on cyberbullying Woman harassment Act ! God is watching ??️ “.



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