“Mediterranean Memories” food festival at Grand Chennai by GRT Hotels


Chennai’s most avid food lovers and culture enthusiasts experienced a gastronomic journey through the diverse and rich cuisine of the Mediterranean region with the “Mediterranean Food Festival” at Grand Chennai by GRT Hotels from 3rd February  to 12th February, 2023.

The festival is curated by Chef Joseph ChahineHead Chef of Layalina, an award-winning Lebanese restaurant in London. Chef Chahine proudly stated, “We believe that food is a powerful way to bring people together and share experiences, and this festival is the perfect opportunity for guests to sample the best of the Mediterranean region in one place.”

The festival will showcase a selection of preparations, each offering its own unique take on the traditional Mediterranean dishes, from savory grilled seafood, fluffy falafel, creamy hummus, tangy tabbouleh, and much more, sure to tantalize your taste buds and satisfy cravings.

It also brings everyone an opportunity to celebrate the rich culture and history of Mediterranean cuisine, in all its vibrance, with live counters and table-top preparations for the whole family to enjoy.



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