MC Josephine steps down as Kerala Women’s Commission Chairperson


She faced backlash after her insensitive remarks to a victim of domestic violence

After the alleged suicide of Vismaya Nair in Kollam, Kerala, there has been widespread protests against domestic violence and dowry harassment. MC Josephine the Chairperson of Kerala Women’s Commission was requested to address complaints of victims of domestic violence through a live phone in program organised by Manorama TV channel. During one of the calls, Josephine was seen snapping at the victim and when the victim admitted she hadn’t complained to the police, Josephine replied saying ‘then you suffer’. Though she went on to advice her about registering a complaint in the family court, her initial reaction and rude tone had sparked outrage on social media and many especially from opposition parties like Congress and BJP demanded her resignation.

Following the protests and criticisms, M C Josephine resigned from her post as Chairperson of the Kerala Women’s commission. The decision was announced at the CPI(M) state secretariat meeting. She has come under scrutiny earlier as well for her comments and rude remarks to victims of abuse.




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