Mayasarc, a designer online store retailing exclusive beaded and gemstone jewelry, unveils an exclusive collection just for the working belles!

Mayasarc, an exclusive jewelry brand retailing out of has clientele spread across 5 continents and 12 countries. Its product categories consist of Necklaces, Earrings and Bracelets made of Semi-Precious Gemstones, which are all designed and hand-crafted in-house, both in Chennai and Singapore.

Offering extensive design options using various gemstone beads is the core specialty of Mayasarc Jewelry. Priya concurs, “We want our clients and potential clients to always look towards our brand and website as the go-to place for unique and high quality gemstone beaded jewelry.

The Mayasarc brand, which catered predominantly to an expat community, is now setting its sights on home ground. The initial purpose of the pieces gave NRI’s a taste of home, with its ethnic yet affordable collections. Its current trajectory is to penetrate both A and B cities within the country.

To mark its latest expansion, Mayasarc has launched a Signature Work Wear Collection designed especially for working women. Staying away from ostentatious pieces, Uma and Priya have designed simplistic yet delicate designs to go both with Western Wear and Indian Outfits. Priya describes, “A natural Coral bead Set between black Agates with crystal links, works well in accentuating a simple white shirt and suit jacket. The short length of the necklace plays a key role in highlighting both the collar bone and neckline.”

Uma professes, “Blue Agates and Green Jade Teardrops is quite the stylish statement when set with a Silver Carved Stone in the center. The contrast of the jewel makes for great élan when worn with a Kurti or Salwar”.

The brand specializes in gemstone bead jewelry and uses some traditional elements suck as faux kundan, jade etc. in its pendants and studs.

Priya states, “The name Mayasarc evolved from the ‘Ma’ from Uma and the ‘ya’ from Priya. The word also strongly symbolizes Magic and Mysticism from Ancient Mythology. All forms of jewelry have some kind of arc element in them, such as necklaces and bracelets, hence the latter part of our brand name came from ARC”.

Uma states, “We have a great fan following on Facebook with 71,000 likes thus far. This has led to a robust sell-through of our pieces, which have exceeded 4,000 at this point.”

ABOUT MAYASARC: Started in 2010 by friends Priya and Uma, the brand is operated in Chennai and Singapore. The online webpage is 4000+ items have been sold until now. Expansion plans include a foray into the B and C cities and the Men’s Segment.



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