Masters of Food and Wine, Park Hyatt, Hyderabad


It’s time for the Masters of Food and Wine to visit Hyderabad for the second time.

Park Hyatt presents the fourth round of the  Masters of Food and Wine 2015.

This year foodies can learn the ways of the 1000 year old traditional art of Sichuan noodle making. As an ancient family practice, before the machines took over, Sichuan families in the Chengdu province of China would practice the art of moulding a lump of dough into finely thin noodles with one’s hand. Chef Xiang Bin Li boasts of an expertise in this art from many years.

Secondly, they can part take in the battle North Vs South Italian Cuisine: From South Italy, we present Chef Giovanni Parrella who is all set to initiate a battle with our in-house Chef Daniele who hails from North Italy with your plate as their battle ground. Witness a culinary war between the two regions of Italy and choose your cuisine.

And lastly, Sichuan and Southern Italian master cooking classes, sophisticated gala dinners and single malt appreciations with Glenfiddich.

The Masters of Food and Wine gala dinners and masterclasses start on 24th September to 26th September.




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