Marriage in a memorial

The memorial of late Chief Minister J.Jayalalitha was decorated with flowers and wore a festive look yesterday. These decorations were done as a couple got married at the memorial. The groom’s father, an AIADMK functionary, S. Bavani Sankar who was an ardent fan of Puratchi Thalaivi, said he arranged the wedding of his son at the memorial in order to get the blessings of Amma.
The wedding took place between the auspicious time of 9.30 to 10!30 a.m. in the presence of senior AIADMK functionaries. The floral arrangements were made to resemble the” two leaves” symbol of the party. The groom’s father said that the wedding felt so special, as if Amma had personally blessed the couple. Many of the party leaders could not attend the wedding as they were out of town.


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