Marou Single Origin Bean to Bar chocolates from Vietnam


Marou – one of the worlds finest single origin bean to bar chocolates now exclusively available in Tamilnadu!

With an aim of promoting the consumption and awareness of fine chocolates from across the world in India, Cocoatrait is thrilled to exclusively present to you and bring to Tamilnadu, Marou Single Origin Bean to Bar chocolates from Vietnam. In 2011, when two Frenchmen, Samuel Maruta and Vincent Mourou met in Vietnam, they discovered a mutual love of the country and a passion for the local cocoa beans. In the three short years since Vincent and Samuel started Marou, they have become known one of the best known artisan bean to bar chocolate makers in the world. They combined their experience as French chocolate makers with the great cocoa origin of Southern Vietnam. Mourou can quite easily be referred to as the “Ferrari” of Chocolates.

The beans themselves give each bar its unique and distinctive chocolate flavour. Family owned cocoa farms are the source of the cocoa, and Marou work closely with them to select the finest beans while paying above market rates. With such purely crafted chocolate,Marou is rapidly gaining recognition with foodies, chefs and chocolate enthusiasts worldwide. Marou Chocolate has won several International chocolate awards.



The variants currently available are:


A chocolate made with cocoa that is grown by farmers of the Cho Gao Cooperative in the Mekong Delta: this full-bodied chocolate is characterized by unique notes of fruit and honey

DAK LAK 70%!

A spectacularly spicy 70% bar with strong, earthy tones, made with cacao selected from the highland district of Ea Kar in Dak Lak province.


A very fine, rounded chocolate with delicate hints of spices, from small farms of Lam Dong province at the foot of the Central Highlands of the Annamitic range.

BA RIA 76%

A powerfully aromatic chocolate made with beans from the hills of Ba Ria province, with exceptionally high fruit notes, possibly our most distinctive chocolate.


Rs 790 MRP


Exclusively with Cocoatrait in Tamil Nadu



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