Mark Zuckerberg promises privacy friendly Facebook


The co- founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg announced in a blog that Facebook would now be privacy friendly and people can communicate their intimate thoughts and pictures shielded by encryption in ways that Facebook itself cannot see.Critics are  not convinced that Zuckerberg is committed to meaningful change. In the past Facebook had suffered privacy lapses that have  amplified calls for regulations to make companies more accountable when they improperly expose their users  information.

As part of an effort to make amends Zuckerberg plans to  stitch together Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram messaging services so that users would be able to contact each other across all the apps. Jen King the Director of Consumer Privacy at Stanford Law School Centre for Internet and Society said that while this could be great for one’s relationship with other  people, it doesn’t do anything for one’s relationship with Facebook itself.



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