“Manorama is the Mother of Tamil Cinema Comedy” Kamal Haasan


Deeply moved by the sudden demise of his mother-like figure, this is what the Thoongavanam star had to say about Aachi’s death,

“When I met her a week back at a stage event, she took the audience’s permission to recite by memory a 3 page soliloquy written by Kalaignar about 65 years back. Being part of the acting business for more than 60 years, the seasoned artist’s hiatus had indeed affected her. Finishing her performance to the thunderous response from the audience, she reminded us that she’s still got it.I had tears in my eyes when she got done with her act and looked at me for my approval. She had known me as a 3 year old child actor. A loving woman, a great performer. I would say that she and Nagesh are the mummy and daddy of Tamil cinema comedy. I am honoured that they both admired my work commented on it and cheered me on. They argued my case with my critics behind my back. Manorama ji especially. I am one among the millions of fans who’ll miss her. I have done many films with her. She had crossed a 1000 films some years back. Her’s was a full life yet we’ve not had our fill as her admirers. Many, even in her funeral will inadvertently have a smile on their faces when they reminisce those memorable screen moments she had given us. Thanks for the smile you etched on faces with your sharp wit mama. Thanks for everything funny and sad you shared with us. Soon your comic images will superimpose itself on this temporary sadness. Bye Bye my loving funny mama.”




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