Mangalsutras: The Mark of a Holy Union


World across every culture has a traditional mark which signifies the oneness of the wedded couple. In the west it is a ring that indicates it and in the sub continent the bond is signified by “Mangalsutras”. Every woman adorns the mangalsutra as a symbol of her marital status along with toe ring. Mangalsutra is basically known as the “The Holy Thread” which women wear for their lifetime. Over the years there are so many Jewellery items that underwent transitions into different forms but Mangalsutras are the one that stayed constant, had little transitions in terms of their length and weight. In some communities a gold chain is worn as mangalsutra along with black beads while some wear black beads alone. Black beads are considered to protect the newlywed from negativity and bring in harmony to the newlywed couple.

Types of Mangalsutras

There was a time when woman loved Jewellery that was heavy, populated with design and preferred yellow gold, Mangalustra designs amongst them is no exception. They were made in yellow gold with minimum importance to design and fashion was the last thing in mind. The current times are very much different; there is a new wave of minimalism in design and weight that has swept the retailers.

  1. Short mangalsutra designs: The short mangalsutra designs are famous among the new age brides. They are short and sit aptly on the neckline offering their grace equally on all attires- western or traditional or fusion. There are hundreds of gold short mangalsutra designs with price available online. When you wear a saree you can style the short mangalsutras along with Haram to enhance your glam quotient.
  2. Long mangalsutra designs: The long mangalsutras offer the much needed charm with Indian attires such as sarees. They go well with traditional attire. There are different mangalsutra models that are available in the market each better than the other. Long Mangalsutras are usually made in alternating gold beads along with black beads. They are plain in design and quietly fall on the saree with great poise.
  3. Mangalsutra chain: Mangalsutras in some regions of India specifically South India comprise of thick gold chain. The Mangalsutra chain is considered so sacred that after it is purchased there is a special pooja that is performed to behold the harmony of marriage. Mangalsutra Chain designs come in a hundreds of styles, the latest being a pendant on the side of the mangalsutra chain. The pendant is usually a double sided peacock pendant or gemstone studded pendant.
  4. Simple mangalsutra design: Simple Mangalsutras are long, plain and are a medley of gold and black beads. They are very apt over traditional attires and come at very affordable price.

Mangalsutras of the above types are made in gold with variations like adding gemstones, CZs, and diamonds. Diamond Mangalsutras are one design variant where a diamond pendant hangs to the black bead chain. The diamond mangalsutras like their gold counterparts go well with every attire, made in varying lengths, come in different weight and price ranges.

If you are a bride to be, choose a mangalsutra that is:

  1. As per your taste and preference
  2. Keeping in mind the long term use of the same than for wedding alone
  3. Keep in mind that you it matched with the most comfortable attire example if you like sarees and wear them on a daily basis, then choose a long mangalsutra which would go well with traditional attires.

Where to buy Mangalsutra?

One can find numerous mangalsutra designs online and in stores as well. Choose a well established online portal that has in store presence as well. This way you ensure that you are not cheated or misleaded in any way. Trusted Jewellers like Vaibhav Jewellers is an one stop solution to your design needs. Their varied collection and high customer centricity would help you choose the best design. Vaibhav Jewellers has an impressive collection of different mangalsutra designs and patterns. You can also visit their online portal vaibhvajewellers to get a sneak peek into their designs and know more scientific reason behind wearing Hindu ornaments.




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