Man strangles leopard to death


A man from the Haasan district of Karnataka fought and killed a leopard that attacked him and his family. According to reports from the local media, Rajagopal Naik, a resident of Arasikere taluk was traveling home on his motorcycle with his wife and son when a leopard leaped on them from the bushes. It caught hold of his son’s leg and tried attacking his wife as well. Rajagopal then grabbed the leopard by its neck and began hitting its head with his elbow. Though the leopard tried to break free, Rajagopal did not let go and managed to tighten his grip over its neck.The leopard later died of suffocation. Rajagopal sustained injuries on his face and forehead. He and his family were taken to hospital for treatment. Visuals from the spot show Rajagopal with a bloody forehead, sitting next to the body of the dead leopard.

Locals gathered at the spot to see the dead leopard. Forest officials were called to the spot and they took away the body of the leopard to do an autopsy at the veterinary hospital. An alert has been sounded in the area as there have been numerous reports of big cats attacking livestock. There have been many such incidents of leopards attacking people in the area.



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