Man sells kidney to purchase iPad and iPhone

A 25 year old man Wang Shangkun from China sold his kidney in exchange for a sum of $3273 to purchase an iPad 2 and iPhone 4. He felt that a single kidney was sufficient to live and it was not necessary to have 2 kidneys. He responded to a black market organ peddler on an online  chatroom. He was told that he could earn $3000 in exchange for a kidney.
Wang then underwent an illegal surgery to remove his right kidney. Do to the unhygienic operation location and lack of post operative care, he developed infection in his other kidney. His condition became worse and he is now bedridden and requires regular dialysis. Meanwhile his mother grew suspicious on seeing the expensive Apple gadgets and questioned Wang. He confessed the truth to her and she initiated action. Based on her complaint, 9 people have booked under charges of causing intentional injury and illegal organ trading.


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