Man from Salem buys dream bike using one rupee coins


Bhoopathy from Salem purchased his dream bike, a Bajaj Dominar 400 from a bike showroom in Salem by paying Rs 2.6 lakh using one rupee coins.
Bhoopathy went along with his friends and took the coins in a van and offloaded them using wheelbarrows. It took over 10 hours for the showroom staff to count the coins.

The showroom manager was initially reluctant to accept the payment in coins but finally relented as he did not want to disappoint a customer. Bhoopathy now has to convert the coins into currency notes. He has assured the bike showroom manager that he would take the responsibility to convert all the coins in case of any difficulty. He managed to convert 40,000 one rupee coins into currency notes and claimed that it would not be difficult to convert up to Rs 2 lakh.
Bhoopathy shared a video of his bike-buying experience on YouTube.



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