Man from Dharmapuri buys new car with 10 rupee coins


Vetrivel from Dharmapuri in Tamil Nadu bought a brand new Maruti Suzuki Eeco for Rs 6 lakhs from a Maruti Sizuki authorized dealer in Dharmapuri using a sack full of 10 rupee coins.
Vetrivel’s mother runs a grocery shop from where he collected these Rs 10 coins. He said that on many occasions, customers refuse to accept coins and prefer notes instead.

He therefore managed to collect around 60,000 coins of Rs 10 denomination in just a month. Vetrivel was unable to convert these coins into notes and therefore used them to buy a new Eeco car worth Rs 6 lakhs from a Maruti Suzuki showroom in his hometown. The showroom officials were reluctant to accept the coins at first but later agreed to it. They counted the coins brought in sacks and then handed over the keys of a new grey colour Maruti Suzuki Eeco to Vetrivel.



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