Man from Bengaluru kills live-in partner with a Pressure Cooker


Vaishnav and Deva from Kerala were living in a rented home in Bengaluru together for the past two years. They knew each other from college and worked at a sales and marketing firm at Koramangala in Bengaluru.

An altercation took place between the two on Saturday, due to the suspicion that Deva was cheating on Vaishnav. He therefore took a pressure cooker and beat his partner to death.
The matter came to light when Deva’s sister could not reach her on the phone and contacted the neighbours who alerted the police. Vaishnav is said to have escaped since the incident. However, the police have tracked him down and arrested him.
According to the neighbours, the couple quarrelled frequently and the couple’s parents were also aware that they were living together.
A case for urder has been registered and the police are carrying out further investigations.


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