Man converts abandoned water tank into a home


Robert Hunt used to work in a factory in the filtration industry. One day while going through real estate listings, he found an old water tower that was listed around 20 miles from where he lived. He bought the property situated at Cloverly Cross for 1,50.000 pounds.

The water tower was not used for years and was like a large empty space. One had to go up a ladder in the centre of the tower to get to the top of the tank. Hunt worked with architects and builders for more than 2 years to transform the property into a home. He spent around 6,00,000 pounds to convert the tower into a home and moved into it in May 2022.
The water tower is now a sleek three story home. Hunt now plans to sell the house next summer and use the profit to repay the money he borrowed from his parents to build this home and to start a new project.



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