Man bites snake to death after it bit him


Kishore Badra from Gambharipatia village in Odisha’s Jaipur district bit a snake to death after it bit him.
This 45 year old tribal man was returning home from his paddy field at night when a snake bit him on his leg. Badra switched on his torch and managed to capture the snake and bite it to death in a fit of rage. The snake died on the spot.
He returned home along with the dead snake and narrated the incident to his wife. Soon the whole village got to know of this incident and Badra exhibited the dead snake to all his friends.

Some people advised him to go to hospital but instead of going to the hospital, he went to a traditional healer to seek advice.
Badra is lucky that the snake bite and his act of biting the snake did not have any impact on him.



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