Mama’s ready to spoil you again


Mamagoto, made eating Pan Asian cuisine a fun and memorable culinary experience, has always been at the helm of innovations that do not compromise on freshness or wholesomeness of each dish. Eating at Mamagoto always leaves one with a sense of satisfaction and adventure that keeps one coming back for more.



The New Dumplings and Mantou (Chinese Bread) menu follows in the same thread: hearty comfort food that surprises you pleasantly with its experimental pairing of ingredients, textures and tastes

The Dumpling Menu is pure fun with great taste, allowing you to enjoy a mini meal of Dim sums: Street Style Spicy Dumpling (minced vegetable/chicken or shrimp), Traditional Peking Dumpling, Jungle Dumpling (chive infused vegetable or minced shrimp dumpling, topped with ginger, mint and soy sauce), Old School Gyoza (Lightly pan fried vegetable or chicken dumplings with a spicy “momo” sauce).




Chinese Chicken Puff (minced chicken wok tossed in a 5 spice aroma and baked into a puff) and Char Siu Puff (The classic sweet “Char Siu” style vegetable or pork stuffed puff).

The light, almost cloud like “Mantaus” come with stuffing’s such as Porky Apple Mantau Makeover (shredded pork belly, caramelised apple infused with red chilli, served in a mantau), Tokyo Metro Mantau (Crumb crusted slivers of aubergine or chicken with wasabi mayo and Japanese BBQ sauce served in a mantau), Cheesy Veggie Bun(stir fried  pad choi, pine nuts ,spices and fresh cheese, served in a closed bao).

To give that perfect satisfying end to your meal Mamagoto has introduces the seasonal Mango Coconut Sago Pudding. With these new additions, Mamas ready to spoil you once again.



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