Top Makeup Artists To Slay The Big Day


If you are a soon bride-to-be and looking for some Celeb-Glam to add to your big day. These Makeup artists are becoming a buzz in town and will nail your look. Here we have a list of top makeup artist in Chennai to make to look the best on your big day.

Prakruti Anand

Prakruti Anand is one of the youngest makeup artists who has worked and trained with M.A.C. She believes makeup is nothing but an extension of one’s personality. Brides adore her work for the kind of Celeb feels it adds to their beauty.


Followers: 67.9K

Olivia Anugraha

Found by Olivia Anugraha, Artistry by Olivia is an upbeat makeup studio in Chennai. Olivia specializes in bridal beauty, engagement shoots, and all the big days that lead up to the big day. She does both hair and makeup, ideal for the bride in need of flexibility.


Followers: 57.6K

Akrithi Sachdev   

Akrithi’s quirky, classy and artistic touches are quite a work. It isn’t easy, but it’s the best kind of look a Bride could ever ask for. Her focus on individual strengths and flawlessly highlighting the beauty is a whole new level of dreamy.


Followers: 52.3K

Suresh Menon

Suresh Menon is the celebrity makeup artist, stylist, and designer in the town. He worked on several campaigns runway shows, bridal makeup has always been the high point of his work. He owns a bridal boutique one shop for every bride need.


Followers: 44K

Anusha Swamy

Anusha is very creative and that reflects in the unusual yet beautiful wedding drapes and colors that her brides wear. She vouches in the beauty of natural skin tones and her makeup style emphasizes enhancing the facial features.


Followers: 32.3K

Samantha Jagan

Founder of the Wink Unisex Salon, Samantha Jagan is a well-known celebrity makeup and hairstylist. Her foray into bridal makeup made her an instant hit among the brides.


Followers: 22.7K

Kavitha Sekar

Kavitha Sekar is the top makeup artist from Chennai. She has experience in makeup for fashion shows, films, photography, and commercials. Having worked with hundreds of brides, Kavitha aces the art of makeup and styling.


Followers: 21.1K



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