Behind Every Diva: Priya Abhishek Joseph


Priya Abhishek Joseph talks of her signature Make Up style, make up essentials and beauty regimes she swears by!

Celebrities are constantly under the spotlight for they are the ultimate trendsetters when it comes to fashion and makeup. But there are seasoned artists who work hard to ensure that these divas look their best under the limelight! Let’s hear from the experts as to what is their signature Make Up style, the make up essentials in their vanity bag and the beauty regimes they swear by!  

Compiled By: Riya Sonny Datson


Priya Abhishek Joseph


Personal style of Make up: I don’t have a set style of make up. I wear make up depending on how I feel, the occasion and the time I have. I always attempt to make ‘skin look like skin’. I don’t like heavy coverage and generally prefer to keep coverage light and focus on highlighting my eyes and/or lips.

Challenges while doing celebrity make up: The celebrities I have worked with were pretty certain about the style of makeup I had to offer. So I never had any fears around that. My nervousness is mainly around time management, as celebrities have busy schedules.

One Thing you like about celebrity make up: The fact that they are used to getting makeup done and are quite relaxed about the process! When it comes to brides, it is not the same as some of them might not be used to wearing make up and they might be anxious about the experience. I also like the fact that I can experiment more with make up while working with celebrities.

Trending styles in Makeup: It is just catching up in Kochi but coloured eyeliner paired with vibrant coloured mascara is very hip now – pink liner paired with sky blue mascara or orange liner with purple mascara and so on. Yes, the graphic eye liner is also a trending style now!

Make Up Faux Pas to Avoid: A common mistake is to apply make up on the face and leave out the rest of the exposed areas, like the neck and the arms. So your face appears as though you are wearing a mask. It is important to apply foundation all the way down to your neck and also on your arms if they are exposed.

Five things in your Vanity bag: Wipes, lip balm, lip gloss, lip shades of nude, mauve, brown and red.

A beauty regime you swear by: Skin reacts differently in different seasons, so skin care varies accordingly. At the moment, I use a Vitamin C serum which has helped to even out my skin tone and reduce acne scarring. This product has worked for me, but one must consult with a dermatologist before using it.

A Memorable experience working with Celebrities: I have worked with artists who are outspoken feminists. I enjoy their company because when I am around them, I experience their strength of character. This is very uplifting for me as a working mom.




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