Make it a Fun Budget Holiday


A super cool relaxing holiday doesn’t always have to be super expensive. Karan Anand, Head, Relationships, Cox & Kings lists out some aspects to keep in mind while planning a budget holiday.


(1)  Book early:  If you plan to go on a holiday, book at least three to six months in advance. This will save you up to 30 to 50 per cent in hotel and airline costs. Hotels generally have a cutoff period following which they will increase the rate. For example, if you plan to go on a holiday in April, it is advised that you book your holiday by December or January

(2)   If you are a family of four, with small children you can opt for a hotel that provides you with an extra bed in your room. Though there is an additional charge to it you will definitely not pay for two rooms. Similarly, with airlines. Take advantage of airline discount offers. Airlines introduce promotional fares three to six months in advance and it is better to book early and lock your airfares, you may save up to 35 to 50 percent on airfares

(3)  Group Holidays work better: Group tours by reputed companies such as Cox & Kings work out cheaper during the peak tourist season as we tie up with airlines and hotels to provide the customer a cheaper holiday. The size of the group varies from 20 to 40 people and this permits the tour operator to offer a cheap holiday. These holidays are inclusive of airfares, meals, sightseeing, hotel accommodation and at times air fares are also included

(4)  Travelling on your own: If you do not want to travel in a group but on your own within a budget, you should first book your airfare and hotel well in advance. Avoid city-centre hotels as they will be more expensive. Stay a bit away and your hotel costs will come down by 20 per cent. The advent of Ola and Uber has made commuting very affordable and use their services for airport/railway transfers. You can also inquire with the hotel where you are staying for sightseeing options and they could arrange it for you at a reasonable price

(5)  Dining in the hotel: When travelling on your own, try out the local cuisine at restaurants close to the hotel, it will work out cheaper than dining in the hotel where you are staying

(6)  Blackout periods: These are typical periods when there is a big event in the tourist location or from December 25th to January 2nd. Hotels are very expensive even if you book in advance. It is best to avoid travelling during this period

(7)  Off season travel: This is from July to September, November and January 15th to March 31st. These are times when hotels in tourist locations are only 50 percent full. They will give you their best offers

In conclusion, if you keep the above tips in mind you can enjoy a memorable holiday on a budget.





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