Make every Shower a Memorable One


WaterScience was established in 2014 by Mohammad Iqbal – Founder, Pavithra Rao, and Sudeep Nadukkandy-  Cofounders of WaterScience with the aim of making good water affordable and accessible. WaterScience aims to solve dual challenges of water quality and water availability, by developing products that address these issues. WaterScience aims to be the leader in the non-drinking water purification space.

Globally, water availability and quality have been in a decline for the past few decades. The situation is particularly grim in India – with less than 4% of the world’s fresh water and 17% of the world’s population. WaterScience aims to mitigate these challenges by developing products that improve the water quality and those that consume less water. Currently, WaterScience focuses on individual consumers and households.

WaterScience products are made in India and made for the Indian water conditions. They are the pioneers and market leader in the space of non-drinking water purification in India. All ingredients used are food grade and certified by NSF. WaterScience shower filters help to filter out chlorine and condition hardness, making the water healthier – leading to lesser hair fall, better skin and overall better water quality for your family. Globally water quality and availability are on a decline- India is especially at risk- because of population, migration to cities creating water scarcity. The situation is getting worse, with 21 big cities cited to be at risk to run out of groundwater by 2020. A decline in availability leads to a reduction in water quality as well. We must take measures to consume less water, while also developing means to upgrade the quality of water available.



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