Major D.P.Sing and Captain Shalini Singh at Duchess meet


The Duchess Club this month pays its salutations to the martyrs and the brave heart soldiers of our country and bring to you two inspirational and courageous personalities in association with Mukti Foundation helmed by Ms.Meena Dadha.

The Duchess Club humbly and warmly welcomes Major D.P.Sing and Captain Shalini Singh. The former is Indias First Blade – Runner who never let his condition weigh him down. His story of self – challenge and motivation is sure to inspire us.

Captain Shalini Singh will take us on her journey as a brave mother, surviror of a war Hero who later decided to join the Indian Army against all odds and forged herself with determination and grit to face all challenges in life with positivity and conditioned her self to move ahead with her head held high.



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