Mahesh Babu’s Punjabi Request


It is known that Telugu films enjoy quite a popularity amidst audiences in North India. So much so, that new releases here fetch fancy prices for Hindi satellite rights. And one star who enjoys immense popularity in this arena is Mahesh Babu. But what’s interesting is that his popularity has spread so far and wide that fans from Punjab have been writing to him on social media asking him to dub his films in Punjabi! Interestingly, the release of his last film Bharat Ane Nenu saw a huge cutout being put up at a location in Punjab. It looks like it isn’t just the Telugu crowd in the north Indian state that is awaiting his next film Maharshi!

Mahesh Babu enjoys an immense fan following not only in the South Indian film industry but is also a household name nationwide. Owing to his immense popularity, the actor was inundated with requests from his fans in Punjab via social media, requesting him to release his films dubbed in Punjabi. The actor’s fans have also been requesting him to release all his films in the region. Fans from Punjab who watch Mahesh Babu’s dubbed films in Hindi are very much in love with the way he brings life to the characters he portrays on screen.

Fans have now written to him, requesting that his films be dubbed in Punjabi and also appealed to him to look into the fact that his films in Punjabi get more screens and shows. The actor has already carved a niche for himself in India. His films are not only watched in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai but also the actor has fans all the way in Punjab.



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