Madras HC Imposes Rs 1 Lakh Fine On Vijay For Refusing To Pay Tax On Rolls Royce


The Madras high court has imposed Rs 1 lakh cost on Vijay for failing to pay entry tax for import of a luxury car Rolls Royce Ghost, from England in 2012. The amount would go to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Public Relief Fund to fight Covid-19.

Justice S M Subramaniam imposed the cost for the actor’s attempt to evade tax by challenging the tax demand made by the commercial tax department. Dismissing the plea moved by Vijay, the judge said the actor had large scale fan groups. “Those fans see such actors as real heroes. In a state like Tamil Nadu, where such actors have become rulers of the state, they are not expected to behave like a ‘reel hero’. Tax evasion is to be construed as an anti-national habit, attitude, and mindset and unconstitutional. These actors are portraying themselves as champions to bring social justice to society. Their movies are against corrupt activities in society. But, they are evading tax and acting in a manner, which is not in consonance with the provisions of the statutes,” Justice Subramaniam said.

Noting that non-payment of entry tax by the petitioner could never be appreciated, the judge said the actor should respect the sentiments of lakhs and lakhs of his fans, who watch his movies by paying for the ticket. “It is only out of such money that the petitioner has purchased the ‘world’s prestigious’ car for his personal usage,” the court said.

The court has also directed the actor to pay the tax due as demanded by the department within two weeks if has not yet paid. The import tax is 20% of the cost of the car.



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